Monday, September 26, 2011

Mitt and Donald have a meet.

All the Republicans seem to keep knocking on Donald Trumps door for endorsements. That even means Mitt Romney. 
They plan on meeting on Monday and having a sit down talk despite their differences. They both have not been each others biggest fans. 
Trump thinks of Romney as a small business man and Romney did not agree with Trumps desire to check on President Obama's citizenship.
However there is one thing that they do have in common. That is that they do not want Obama to have a second term. 
Trump however has made many meetings with other Republicans. "They are all looking for endorsements,"said Micheal Cohen trumps top political adviser. 
With others having their second meetings with him Romney will have to make a good impression as well as learn to like each other.
We will see if they will be able to put their differences behind them and come together and focus on the goal that they are both seeking for. A new President in the Oval office. 

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