Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rick Perry's Down Fall

Republican Presidential canidate Rick Perry is seeing issues due to his stance on immigration. The biggest issue is the fact that he passed a bill that allows illegal emigrants to go to college at the same low price as in state students.  
While last night Perry did not have to deal with it during the Debate, it is not expected to go away. 
This issue has taken away his thunder as the front runner of the Republican Party. Mitt Romney really has hit him hard. 
The reason that they think that it did not get brought up last night was because Romney was unable to make it to the debate.  
Dallas County Board of Supervisors Kim Chapman said "If you are here legally, you're entitled to the benefits offered to the residents of this county, but if you are an illegal, I don't think you should get them." 
Perry does have more of the Hispanic voters on his side. They fear that in order for him to win that he will have to take a stronger stance on emigration which would hurt him with the Hispanic community. 
We will just have to wait and see how much his policy will hurt him in the long run.  

Monday, October 10, 2011

The New Guy In Town

There is a new Political Party in town and it goes by the American Elects. They are hoping to get a on a ballot near you.
What does this party stand for and what are their plans for their candidate?
There is no leading man or women that has appeared yet. However there is one thing that they do know. They are not far left or right when it comes to politics.
Even though they have no foreign policy, economic plan or social agenda.
What really makes this group interesting is that they solely use the internet to do the jobs that they need. Anyone can vote on their ballot process next April as well.
They are trying really hard to get on the ballets in the country and they are going to have a hard time getting on some around the country.
The hardest ones to get on will be California, North Carolina, Texas, Indiana and Georgia. In California alone they need 1,030,040 signatures they have 354,000.
The problem with them stating that they are in the middle is that both Republicans and Democratic will cannot be to left or right they need to be more center oriented to win. These American Elects will have there work cut out of them.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ron Paul

For not getting that much media attention Ron Paul sure got some while he visited New York. He appeared on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart".
While on the show they talked about how Paul had continued to stick to his beliefs through the years. Also how that had an effect on the amount of media that he gets.
"Have you thought about flip-flopping because I feel like when I watch the debate, a great deal of it is each candidate yelling at the other for things they used to say that they no longer believe in, and during the conversation they really don't look at you." Stewart said.
Other stops that he made on his trip in the Big Apple was to a party that was put on by one of the groups that supports him. While he was there he gave a half hour speech.
It looked more like a party than a political meeting with it being in a club on Manhattans lower east side.
He has plenty more stops left. The real questions is will is consistence help him win the election this time around.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Mitt and Donald have a meet.

All the Republicans seem to keep knocking on Donald Trumps door for endorsements. That even means Mitt Romney. 
They plan on meeting on Monday and having a sit down talk despite their differences. They both have not been each others biggest fans. 
Trump thinks of Romney as a small business man and Romney did not agree with Trumps desire to check on President Obama's citizenship.
However there is one thing that they do have in common. That is that they do not want Obama to have a second term. 
Trump however has made many meetings with other Republicans. "They are all looking for endorsements,"said Micheal Cohen trumps top political adviser. 
With others having their second meetings with him Romney will have to make a good impression as well as learn to like each other.
We will see if they will be able to put their differences behind them and come together and focus on the goal that they are both seeking for. A new President in the Oval office. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Presidential Run For Thad McCotter is Over

In an interview on Thursday night Thad McCotter announced that he was withdrawing his bid for President and stated that he would be endorsing Mitt Romney. 
The reason that he took his bid out was that he felt that Romney had a better chance at winning the 2012 Presidential Elections. He does not care if he wins as long as we make sure that a republican wins. 
He stated that "In general election Governor Romney stacks up better."
Just because he is endorsing Romney does not mean that he agrees with him.He new in Florida that his Presidential run was up this time around
 This will not be the last that we will be seeing McCotter he plans on running against a Republican President in the 2016 Presidential elections. This just shows how much faith McCotter has for Romney. 
McCotter suggested that Romney and President Barack Obama are not rivals but more like running mates. 
Even though McCotter has taken out his bid for the 2012 Presidential Elections he plans on running for reelection in The House of Representatives and making his points of view known
We will just have to wait 5 more years to see how his next Presidential run goes.