Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ron Paul

For not getting that much media attention Ron Paul sure got some while he visited New York. He appeared on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart".
While on the show they talked about how Paul had continued to stick to his beliefs through the years. Also how that had an effect on the amount of media that he gets.
"Have you thought about flip-flopping because I feel like when I watch the debate, a great deal of it is each candidate yelling at the other for things they used to say that they no longer believe in, and during the conversation they really don't look at you." Stewart said.
Other stops that he made on his trip in the Big Apple was to a party that was put on by one of the groups that supports him. While he was there he gave a half hour speech.
It looked more like a party than a political meeting with it being in a club on Manhattans lower east side.
He has plenty more stops left. The real questions is will is consistence help him win the election this time around.

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