Monday, October 10, 2011

The New Guy In Town

There is a new Political Party in town and it goes by the American Elects. They are hoping to get a on a ballot near you.
What does this party stand for and what are their plans for their candidate?
There is no leading man or women that has appeared yet. However there is one thing that they do know. They are not far left or right when it comes to politics.
Even though they have no foreign policy, economic plan or social agenda.
What really makes this group interesting is that they solely use the internet to do the jobs that they need. Anyone can vote on their ballot process next April as well.
They are trying really hard to get on the ballets in the country and they are going to have a hard time getting on some around the country.
The hardest ones to get on will be California, North Carolina, Texas, Indiana and Georgia. In California alone they need 1,030,040 signatures they have 354,000.
The problem with them stating that they are in the middle is that both Republicans and Democratic will cannot be to left or right they need to be more center oriented to win. These American Elects will have there work cut out of them.

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  1. We'll look for them here in Washington.
    Thanks Kaylie Marie